Mixed Flicks
Multi-ethnic Short Film Screening & Young Hapa Actors Panel

Mixed Flicks 2018 Poster.jpeg

DATE: August 4, 2018
TIME: 1-1:45pm
COST: Free
LOCATION: Firehall Arts Centre Theatre

Hapa-palooza Festival is proud to present this year’s annual Mixed Flicks screenings of short films including a youth actors panel at the Powell Street Festival. This program of shorts includes the films, Juken starring Koyu Rankin (Isle of Dogs), Lions in Waiting (trailer) starring Taylor Kare (The Romeo Section), and Floating Light staring Sahara Forest and Erika Maximum Forest (Godzilla). A panel featuring the actors will follow the screening. 

PSFS18_Perform_Koyu Rankin as Atari in Isle of Dogs.jpeg

Koyu Rankin

Born in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada, to a Scottish-Canadian father and Japanese mother, Koyu Rankin is bilingual in both Japanese and English. Koyu can be heard voicing the lead character of Atari in Wes Anderson's stop-motion animation film, Isle of Dogs, which is Koyu's first role in a film. He has since acted in the short film Juken as well as appearing in a music video and a soon-to-be released web series. When not acting, Koyu enjoys visiting Japan and playing soccer and drums.

PSFS18_Perform_Taylor Kare.jpeg

Taylor Kare

Taylor Kare made his film-acting debut in the CBC drama The Romeo Section. Since then he has gone to work on Supernatural and a handful of independent films. He has trained in both Film and TV and musical theatre with teachers like Deb Podowski, Neil Maffin, and Jeff Hyslop. When he’s not working on acting he’s living an artist lifestyle practicing photography and playing Jazz piano. Currently he is further studying acting and is excited to work on future projects.

PSFS18_Perform_Erika Forest.jpeg

Erika (Maximum) Forest

Erika Maximum Forest loved to perform, Max started dancing at the age of 2, then started acting when she moved to Vancouver at the age of 6. She did many commercials, and had a pivotal role in a TV show Falling Skies. She's been in a number of Nickelodeon movies, and a feature film, Godzilla. Now in high school, Max's passion is theoretical physics and hopes to study at Cambridge one day. She plays piano and composes her own music, and continues her acting at the Drama program at her school. 

PSFS18_Perform_Sahara Forest.jpeg


Sahara Forest

Following her big sister, Max's footsteps, Sahara Forest got into acting when she was 3. She did many commercials and short films, one of which, Floating Light, has won awards. Her most recent work is being used at Telus World of Science to promote science education for children in remote parts of Canada. Her passion is competitive swimming, and she trains every day. She hopes to go to the Olympics one day. Her another passion is traveling. After spending weeks in the UK and France, she fell in love with French and is quickly becoming skilled in French.