Hapa Family Day Story

Personal story - Hapa-palooza Team Member Nadine

When my son was born I asked my mother to write down her stories as a gift to him.  20 years later, she finished her autobiography and I finally met my mother.  Not the woman who raised me but the woman who left a tropical island to live in snowy Canada and fall in love with a white man, in the 1960’s.  I love her stories - about running to school in her bare feet then stopping to cram her dusty feet into leather oxfords before the teacher caught her - her first experience seeing snow - wartime in Trinidad - her crazy friends… stuff that happened before I was born.  My father is in her stories too, woven throughout.

So… my take away?  Hapas have great stories - we must write them down!  And Facebook posts don’t count, folks.  There is a voice to written word that is not captured in photos, videos or social media posts.  Even certain handwriting can stop me in my tracks, like a memory of a smell.  As a gift to your family and the generations that will follow, to those you will never meet but will have inherited your eyes, your love of marzipan … give your stories to them.  But whatever you do, do not attempt to bring teenagers into the living room to tell them your stories - this is very dangerous - best to write it down.

Siupatie’s ebook link here soon